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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is a subscription contract, with lawful application and validity according to current Brazilian legislation. And it will be in force for unlimited time.

The APP VAH, at any moment, can modify the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at its own criteria. Any alterations in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will be displayed on the Platform, and always showing the date of last update. In case the user remains to enjoy the Platform, it will be considered complete acceptance to the alterations. The User understands and agrees that as soon as the alterations on the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are published in the Platform, it will be in force the Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We recommend that Users check the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy periodically to be informed about occasional alterations made. In case of disagreement with the proposed terms, the User can stop using the Platform.

1.0 - Search Platform

1.1 The Platform APP VAH (“Platform”) is an aggregator, with statistic goals, of information and public data available for private urban transportation of passengers made by third-party companies (“services”) in a way that the use of the Platform will allow the User to make specific market searches, monitor and compare prices and promotions, making the choice free and easier to the User.

1.2 The Platform is exclusive property of the APP VAH, and it is available to the User in the website and in the app. The Platform can ask information for user subscription and usage.

1.3 The Platform does not allow the direct reservation or approval of services, because it is only a way to make searches to potential services conditions viable or point the User to the Service Providers.

1.4 The User shall confirm to the Service Providers the availability of the search results in the Platform, the price conditions and hours, including promotional content.

1.5 The search results in the Platform are estimate quotes of the amount of services, obtained through partnerships that the APP VAH has with various service providers or by searches, based in calculation methods for pricing of public available services.

1.6 The information of the Platform regarding the usual amounts or promotional tariffs can be out-to-dated , have inconsistencies, some margin of error or additional fees applicable, and it will always depend exclusively on the User to confirm them directly with the Service Providers at the moment of subscription. In any circumstance, the APP VAH will be held responsible for the accuracy of the search in the Platform.

1.7 In order to make the purchase effective, the User will be redirected to the website or to the app of the Service Provider of his interest.

1.8 The Platform is not responsible, direct or indirectly, by the services provided, in any aspect, nor by the collection of any amount by the Service Provider.

1.9 The APPVAH does not have any relation with the Service Providers, and the results of the market searches made by the Users in the Platform are merely for reference and it is not any form of approval, advertisement, sponsorship or recommendation by the APP VAH.

1.10 The Platform can suggest reference links to other websites or apps operated by third-party companies, but the APP VAH is free of any responsibility regarding the content of these websites or apps, and any damages or losses caused by the User during the use of such. In case the User decides to access it, he will be subject to the proper Terms of use and Privacy Policy applicable.

2.0 - Use of the Platform

2.1 When asked, the User shall complete all the spaces on the subscription form in order to use the Platform, promising to provide true information and compromising civil and criminally for the authenticity of the information provided and committing to update information provided in case of any change.

2.2 The APP VAH can, at its own criteria, at any moment, without prior notice, suspend, restrict or terminate User access to the Platform, without any reimbursement or rights of use to the User.

3.0 - Responsibility of the APP VAH

3.1 The Platform APP VAH does not provide direct Services, does not have any relation with the Service Providers, does not audit and does not have any interference in the services provided by third-party companies, and consequently is free of any responsibility regarding the Services acquired by the User based on the market search made in the Platform, including the reservation, the payment and the transportation itself. The acquisition of the services by the User is subject to the specific rules of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Service Providers.

3.2 The User agrees that in case of any problems or disputes regarding the services, it shall be solved directly with the service provides, and the APP VAH is free of any responsibility.

3.3 The APP VAH will not be responsible in cases of security breaches caused by third parties or supply chain failures, like electric or communications line interruption, or by the occurrence of natural disasters or incidentals that prevent the good operation of the Platform.

4.0 - User Obligations

4.1 User obligations are:

- provide true, precise, updated and complete information in the act of subscription to the Platform, when asked.

- utilize the Platform exclusively with licit intentions, and it is prohibited the use with illicit intentions, strange to original Platform goal.

- do not utilize the Platform to store, insert, distribute, publish, transmit, reproduce, copy or in any form make it available to third parties files, messages, drawings, graphics, sounds, images, photographs, computer programs and any other materials that: (i) violate third-party rights, in any type, including right of industrial and intellectual property in the Platform or third-parties; (ii) contains illicit, defamatory, infamous violent, pornographic, against the law, the moral and good habits contents;(iii) contains discriminatory content in regards to sex, race, religion, social status, age, religious or any other belief; (iv) contains material that can induce to a state of anxiety or terror; (v) induct or incite the Users to engage in dangerous practices, risky or harmful to psychological and physical integrity; (vi) contain fake information, inaccurate, exaggerated, or that in any form induce to error regarding the real intentions of the User;(vii) be contrary to honor, reputation, intimacy and privacy of any person; (viii) constitute illicit or mistaken propaganda and / or disloyal competition; and/or (ix) contains malware or any other program, application, contaminant or destructive complement, or that in any form cause any difficulty to the normal operation of the Platform, and that can be harmful to third parties and to the Platform;

- do not utilize the Platform to commit and/or attempt to commit acts that have the objective to: (i) obtain non-authorized access to another computer, server or network;(ii) interrupt service, servers or computer network by means of any illicit method; (iii) breach any authentication or security system; (iv) secretly spy on third parties; (v) access confidential information of any nature, such as user names or passwords of another internet user that is more vulnerable; and /or (vi) modify, adapt, translate, prepare various works, sort, make reverse engineer, disassemble or try to alter the source-code and/or software of the Platform.

- do not publish, make visible, transmit or make available any type of advertisement or propaganda through the Platform; and

- respect all conditions established in the Terms of use and Privacy Policy, and the Brazilian current legislation.

4.2 The APPVAH can, at its own criteria and at any moment, without prior notice or responsibility, suspend, restrict or terminate the access of the user to the Platform without any loss when communicating to authorities, at its own criteria, in case of failure to comply with obligations, and also be reimbursed for damages and losses suffered.

5.0 - Privacy Policy

5.1 The Platform can utilize the geo-positioning resources of the User, aiming to increase the precision of the results of the services in benefit to the user.

5.2 The Platform can collect data and information from the User in order to improve the system to the User. And it is authorized to store information used to access the Platform, including movements and geo-positioning of the User during the use of the Platform.

5.3 The APP VAH applies the proper safety measures according to international standards in order to protect User information and will make all that is possible to maintain confidential and use it in a way to preserve the honor, intimacy, privacy, and secrecy keeping everything encrypted and protected. However, the User admits that there is no system, server or software completely immune to attacks and/or invasions from hackers and other malicious agents. And the APP VAH cannot guarantee that its safety measures are immune to errors or external interferences caused by third parties (hackers and others). Given its nature, despite all efforts of the APP VAH, any safety measure can fail and cause the User information to become public.

5.4 The User understands and voluntarily takes the risk and agrees that the APP VAH will not be responsible for the non-authorized demonstration, exclusion, exposition, utilization or promotion of the information obtained by an invasion that the APPVAH could not have prevented by means of security standards.

5.5 The User authorizes the information of the electronic access registers and navigation, and its profile, if applicable, in the Platform to be provided to third parties or lawful authorities when asked by means of legal request. The APP VAH adopts a policy of unrestricted User identity preservation, in a way that the information collected from the User will be encrypted before become available and will not allow user identification.

5.6 All the information regarding the User trips, as well as profile information, if applicable, will be stored in a data base owned by the APP VAH, with restricted access to authorized personnel obliged to keep all information confidential and not use it in any inadequate way by contract.

6.0 - Legislation and applicable law

6.1 It is determined that the Forum of the city of Sao Paulo is the place elected to solve any dispute created by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and all its aspects are ruled and interpreted by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

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